Trading Services: Execute your strategy...

Highly competitive pricing tailored for institutions and individuals equally through a spot (real assets) Maker-Taker market model.

  • Regulated as a Multilateral Trading Facility (“MTF”) in regards to Virtual Assets by the FSRA of Abu Dhabi Global Market.
  • Competitive pricing, no hidden fees or wide spreads on false premise of zero fees.
  • 24/7 expert customer support.
  • High speed, High performance, execute trades in microseconds.
  • Institutional grade experience for all investors hosted on our private cloud.
  • Powerful API and FIX services.
Custody Services: We manage your wallet so you don’t have to...

Institutional-grade crypto storage with Industry-leading security meeting strict regulatory requirements.

  • Safely store and manage your virtual assets using one of the most secure & compliant custody solution on the market.
  • Regulated as a Custodian in regards to Virtual Assets by the FSRA of Abu Dhabi Global Market.
  • We screen all deposits for compliance with our advanced tools and dedicated team of experts.
  • Easy setup and management with no limits on withdrawals and instant liquidity for trading on MidChains for both cash and crypto.
  • Pre-funded accounts with assets held in our custody eliminates all counterparty risk and ensures trade execution.
  • Hybrid cold/hot storage system and annual cyber audits ensures your assets remain safe.
  • Engineered for compliance and transparency.

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